Question: What Is The Main Conflict Of The Pedestrian?

What is the conflict in the pedestrian?

In “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury, Leonard Mead finds himself in conflict with his society because he fails to conform to societal expectations.

Most significantly, Leonard Mead prefers the natural world to technological advancements, and this makes him an object of suspicion..

How is the conflict resolved in the pedestrian?

Resolution: The resolution is implied. He will never return to his “brightly lit” home (36). Instead, he will spend the rest of his life locked up in the psychiatric center. On the surface, this story is about a man who gets arrested by a police car with no policeman inside for doing normal activities.

What is the climax in the pedestrian?

In “The Pedestrian,” the climax occurs when the robotic police car opens the door and tells Mr. Meade to get inside the car.

What is the irony in the pedestrian?

Dramatic irony is shown when the cop stops Leonard Mead during his nightly walk, and he ultimately sentences Mr. Mead to a mental institution. Leonard Mead would be considered normal in our society, but he’s abnormal in his, for doing things like walking, which shouldn’t require punishment.

What are regressive tendencies?

Regressive behaviour, activities, or processes involve a return to an earlier and less advanced stage of development. FORMAL adj. This regressive behaviour is more common in boys.

What is the setting of the story the pedestrian?

Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Pedestrian” takes place in the “world of A.D. 2053”, in an unnamed “city of three million” somewhere in the US, as indicated by references to “Arizona” or the “United States Cavalry”.

Who is the protagonist of the pedestrian?

Leonard MeadCharacterization: Leonard Mead is the protagonist or the “good guy”. He is nostalgic and is isolated or an outsider. The police are the antagonist or the “bad guy”.

What is the external conflict in the pedestrian?

There are two conflict in this story, which are both external. The first one is between Leonard and the police car (man vs technology). The police car wants him to get in, but Leonard protests it. He eventually gets in and the car drives him off.

What is a theme of the pedestrian?

A central theme of “The Pedestrian” is that humans run the risk of allowing technology to take over their lives.

What is the resolution in the pedestrian?

“The Pedestrian” describes a world where everyone stays in their houses and watches television, never interacting with the world. The resolution is when Leonard Mead is arrested for walking at night, clearly a sign of psychiatric problems.

What is the point of view of the pedestrian?

The short story “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury is a third-person narration. The narrator follows the main character as he wanders around the city. Therefore, the narrator presents Mead’s perspective, offering access to his thoughts and feelings.

What is the symbolism in the pedestrian?

The police car is also symbolic of the state’s power. As the only police car for an entire city with a reasonably large population, it suggests that the whole population follows the laws laid out by the state. As a result, it shows the power the state hold over its citizens, acting as a symbol of that power.